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Creative Team


Stephen Daniel Arnoff
Author and Teacher

Dr. Stephen Daniel Arnoff is the CEO of the Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center, a religious and cultural center in the heart of Jerusalem. Writing and teaching at the nexus of myth, spirituality, and popular music, he is releasing the book About Man and God and Law: The Spiritual Wisdom of Bob Dylan in 2022 in celebration of Dylan's 81st birthday, as well as the enduring possibility that the music we love can change and even save our world.


David Billotti
Programming, Communications, and Partnerships

David has had a long career producing and promoting cultural events and educational programs, first as a live theater producer in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City, then as a non-profit marketing and communications specialist. He lives in Metro DC, where he writes and consults on creative strategy for organizations and corporations. 

Producing Organization


Founded in 1972, Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center (FJC) is a hub for lifelong learning powered by intellectual rigor, ritual innovation, and spiritual exploration, located in the heart of Jerusalem .


FJC specializes in building the capacities of Jewish communities — partnering with schools, camps, colleges, synagogues, and families — to help people at pivotal stages of life and learning gain the tools and inspiration they need to lead lives of meaning.


Home to a thriving yeshiva, guest house, synagogue, and cultural center, FJC is proud to partner with communities of faith and purpose everywhere who are committed to building a world of empathy, creativity, and justice.

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