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New Book Release:
About Man & God & Law: The Spiritual Wisdom of Bob Dylan 

by Stephen Daniel Arnoff

Inspired by the popular podcast, the book considers Dylan’s central question
“How does it feel?”


Many of our assumptions about spiritual purpose, sensual pleasure, and the essence of work, community, country, race, and the divine have germinated in Bob Dylan’s need to know what’s blowing in the wind. While Dylan is the subject of countless books, in About Man & God & Law: The Spiritual Wisdom of Bob Dylan from Morgan James Publishing, Stephen Daniel Arnoff tackles Dylan’s body of work not in an attempt to understand Dylan, but rather as an attempt to understand ourselves.

“For decades, Dylan has impacted the spiritual lives of millions of people, maybe more than anyone else. I wanted to explain why,” says Arnoff. “The challenge was writing a book that was intellectually serious as well as accessible; that combined religious, musical, and American history with real excitement about rock and roll. And, I wanted to bring some light to the world in a time where so many people are suffering or lost.”

The book posits that our most attuned music artists are doing the sacred work that used to be the exclusive domain of established spiritual leaders. It also aims to make good on the promise that if we look closely enough at Dylan’s words, music, and career—precisely at a moment when the world we thought we knew seems like uncharted territory—we can open up our eyes to see not only where we really are as a society, but where we need to go.

What: About Man & God & Law: The Spiritual Wisdom of Bob Dylan by Stephen Daniel Arnoff
When: Paperback  release May 3, 2022 (ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1631956881)
More Info:

Contact to request a review copy in paperback or digital download or to schedule an interview with the author.


About the Author

Dr. Stephen Daniel Arnoff is the CEO of the Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center, a religious and cultural center in the heart of Jerusalem. Stephen has served in senior leadership roles at the 92nd Street Y, the 14th Street Y, Shalem College, and the JCC Association. He teaches and lectures around the world specializing in the nexus of religion and popular culture, and has published widely in print and on-line including contributions to Dylan at Play and Reading the Boss: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Works of Bruce Springsteen. Stephen earned a doctorate in Midrash and Scriptural Interpretation from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

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