Music brings people together.
A true artist affirms our values.

Bob Dylan and the Rabbis:
Conversations About Spirituality and Community
Through the Lens of Popular Music

Dr. Stephen Daniel Arnoff is now booking communal conversations with spiritual leaders across North America for January to July of 2022. 


For anyone who has sought a life of meaning inspired by the songs they love, come.hear 60 years of popular music anew, and discover a map and manifesto for empathy and purpose.

Click here for a PDF of the flier to share with your community.

Dylan Sabbath

The Dylan Sabbath is a curated weekend of programming and resources for religious institutions, community centers, and music venues, designed to encourage exploration and celebration of the timeless and universal themes in Bob Dylan’s work: spiritual yearning, intellectual curiosity, communal empathy, and the quest for home.


Events are being planned for May 20-22, 2022, to coincide with the hardcover release of About Man & God & Law: The Spiritual Wisdom of Bob Dylan and Dylan's 81st birthday.


Significant interest in Bob Dylan is not a prerequisite; rather this weekend is a template for how to use the work and vision of any great artist to illuminate and strengthen our common bonds.

We're looking for sponsors and partners, congregations and community organizations to join us on the journey. Please read the proposal and fill out the form at right.

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