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Writing on Bob Dylan, Religion, Culture, and Rock and Roll

On Bob Dylan
An Interview on Dylan, Cohen, Roth, and the Hidden Mysteries of America with Marco Zoppas

We sat with a Italian translator Marco Zoppas to spend some quality time out of mind.

In Memoriam: Welcome to Bob Dylan's "Modern Times"

The piece that got this podcast's party started on Bob Dylan and the art of memory.

Hardly Sick of Love: Some Questions About Dylan
Questions for Greil Marcus about Bob Dylan on the eve of the "What Kind of Love Is This?" Symposium


Dylan at Play
Playful takes on Dylan spanning method and perspective, including ours on Dylan's religious vision.

Bob Dylan in the 1980's

If you remember the pointing finger songs of Saved (1980) and Shot of Love (1981), the din and drone of Dylan and the Dead or the inconsistencies of Knocked Out Loaded (1986) and Down in the Groove (1988), you might remember Dylan in the 80's at his most discombobdylanated. Listen again.

Understanding the Myth and Music of Bob Dylan

Reconsidering Greil Marcus' reconsiderations of Dylan, four decades on.

Hey Judes: Dylan and the Beatles Transformed
A review of I'm Not There and Across the Universe, rock iconography on the silver screen.

He’s Not There (2007): Talkin’ Bob Dylan Symposium Blues
Reflections on the University of Minnesota's fantabulous international conference on Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan: Mystic, Prophet, Poet

The hits and misses of Seth Rogovoy's book on Dylan and Judaism.

On Leonard Cohen

Repaying the Debts of Love
In celebration of Leonard Cohen in his absence

Leonard Cohen’s message for the future
Reflecting on the Cohen's plans for the future thirty days after his death.

On Bruce Springsteen
Reading the Boss
Pop academic windows into Bruce Springsteen, including our chapter on the Boss and exodus, exile, and redemption in America.

On Philip Roth
Religious Forms of Philip Roth's "Everyman"
Entering the unforgiving religious depths of an ardent secularist and literary master.

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