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Episode Five: Love

Nina Simone | "Just Like a Woman"

Of all of the love songs and all of the renditions of songs of love in Episode Five, our world turns with this one. Written by Bob Dylan as "Just Like a Woman," it's been "Just Like a Human" ever since Nina Simone held the song tight and turned it inside out.

Bob Dylan | "Love Minus Zero/No Limit"

Mysterious women traipse in and out of Dylan's canon, each with her own suggestion of smile. This one seems to capture the impossibility and allure of someone the singer of the songs always wanted her to be.

The Love Boat

If we are talking about love and of a certain age, having lived through a certain age, there's no way of avoiding the hulking, heaving, incomprehensibly predictable and absurd ship of fools that taught us way too much about love.

Bob Dylan | "I've Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You"

A few weeks of toiling in the vineyards of Dylan's writings and singings about love, and it's still not clear how he has the purity of thought and openness of heart to write this song at nearly eighty years old. It's a true beauty, accompanied here with a movie by Pawel Pawlikowski.

The Beatles | "Please Mrs. Henry"

Yes, he turned them on to grass. And changed their course of creativity. And served as a foil in measuring magnitudes of greatness. And the Beatles are, of course, the Beatles. But what, in the annals of all of that, matches the Fab Four paying a call on Mrs. Henry one day in the studio?


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