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Season Two - Ep 4-5 | Welcome to Stansville, Mr. Dylan with Rebecca Slaman

Here we are with the sheepish grin, the spiraling smoke, the inane questions, and Dylan at his dudeliest: Bob Dylan's San Francisco Press Conference in 1965. It's a Dylan Standom favorite, broken down and celebrated by our guest, Rebecca Slaman.

If John Lennon used the double voice, Lennon on Lennon recording technique to thicken his vocals in a signature style, Dylan's doubling up on himself creates a kind of distance. Is his singing in two different times? Is he breaking up with us or him? Is he splitting? The answer is not clear.

Dylan mentions drag in a number of places, including here. His hats, his makeups, his statements about sexuality, and his style all point to a kind of fluidity of self that suits Gen Z as much as it did his brand of Boomer.

We are not sure if it was tears or sweat running down Bob Dylan's cheek after his legendary, disruptive, and perhaps over exaggerated "electric" set at the Newport Folk Festival. Whatever the fluid, whatever the fluidity, as Rebecca Slaman makes clear, Dylan is fearless in testing boundaries and expressing just how those risks really feel.


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