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Season Two - Ep 2 | Bootlegging: Bob Dylan's Salvation Goes Up on Trial

There is no "New Danville Girl," and hence to "Brownsville Girl," without heading back to the well from which traditional songs are pulled. Here's Dock Boggs, one of the great folk influencers. Meet "Danville Girl."

Woody Guthrie offered a version of "Danville Girl" as well. Maybe Bob Dylan and Sam Shepherd were thinking of this one when "New Danville Girl" started to take shape.

Jeff Lang and Bob Brozman bring home yet another version of "Danville Girl."

An outtake now familiar, Bob Dylan's "New Danville Girl," recorded in 1984.

Surely one of class-act classic rock's most famous and longed for visages, here is M. Faithfull's version of "Visions of Johanna," that hall of mirrors and museums where "infinity goes up on trial."

That girl from Danville, wherever and however, traveling on to wherever Danville girls need to go.


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