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Season Two - Ep 3 | Bob Dylan's Halloween Hootenanny

The one that got away, Mavis Staples and her fabulous family bring new light to the one of the worst packs of monsters in Dylan's canon: the "Masters of War."

We focused in this episode on Dylan's almost saying he had made a deal with the devil go down. Listen close when we get there. He really almost does spit it out once and for all.

This might be a "New Pony," but it's surely not a "Devil in Disguise." Please allow us to introduce this man of wealth and taste: Lucifer. Also, of course, the wicked flame that still burns for a good lover gone bad.

Ultimately, from the masters of war, Satan, or the lover gone bad, it's the self that poses the scariest threat to Dylan's selves. Here are the "Dark Eyes" he's sees outside, windows to his own soul.

Some say is was a song about Bob Dylan himself, but The Band's "Stagefright" is also surely about all of the kids with guitars in cardboard cases, getting up on stage to show and hide themselves, to face fear and embrace it.


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