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Episode Six: Teachers

Here's the syllabus, the four-part harmony of Bob Dylan's literary roots, front and center as man unpacks myth: Buddy Holly, Moby Dick, All Quiet on the Western Front, and The Odyssey meet the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Jack Nicholson called him an absolute riot, and his version of Masters of War would have made a fine sound track for such a thing. Accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1991 Grammy's gave Bob Dylan a chance to thanks both his father and the Psalmist.

Dylan says that painter Norman Raeben changed his life up near the roof of Carnegie Hall over two months in 1974. His E-Y-E and his I took in a whole new viewpoint, leading to Blood on the Tracks and so much more.

If there's a song that contains every teaching and every teacher in Bob Dylan's pedagogical realm, Visions of Johanna might just be it.

We had to do it. For Eddie. For all those lost days behind a desk. Teach on, teachers...


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