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Episode Four: Before the Law

Johnny Cash, Dylan's mentor, advocate, and friend, didn't mind telling the Law where to go, an outlaw rock and roller high priest (who gave communion if you were lucky.)

If Pops had agreed, it might have been Mr. and Mrs. Staples. Either way, if you find a singer who can take Dylan's music deeper than Mavis Staples, let us know.

He was, simply put, one of the great ones, and Dylan loved to listen. Warren Zevon does a number on the Law.

Sinead O'Conner famously disrupted SNL shredding a photo of the Pope and caused a raucous at BobFest, Columbia Records' celebration of thirty years of Dylan on the label. You have to do some hard travelin' around the Church like she did in order to sing to the savior with this kind of beauty and authority.

You either got faith or you got unbelief / There ain't no neutral ground


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